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WELCOME TO THE POINTY EPISODE. We’ll keep it sharp and get straight to it.

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💎 Hobbies, Creators, and more! 🧠

Rick Maderis is a knife maker. Well actually he’s a graphic designer. Well, no…he’s a shoe designer and creative. I mean….I guess he’s just a super dope dude making cool shit?

Some people have one knife they use their whole life. Some people are collectors—HOARDERS even. Like a weird dragon with a steel fetish.


Did you know you can MAKE knives? Did you know you can DESIGN knives? Did you know you can DESIGN knives that someone else will MAKE? Did know can you now KNIFE MAKE somebody DESIGN you FOR me? Big if true.

It’s a thing. It’s Rick’s thing. Check it out.

Image courtesy of Rick Maderis & Burnside Knives “The Rose”

After nearly ten years studying EDC (Everyday Carry) and the countless overlaps I see between sneakers & knives, I still smile knowing that tools are for everyone.

Originally, I wanted to be a traditional artist but found various ways in making money designing logos and flyers through graphic design. From graphics I became interested in product such as headwear, sneakers and accessories. It was through accessories I started relooking and rethinking about tools.

The driving force behind Burnside Knives is the Trademark. The motivation to create essential goods for outdoor enthusiasts and working professionals like yourself remains the same.”



Image courtesy of Rick Maderis & Burnside Knives “The Thorn”

Beyond getting into industrial design, or sketching, or metal working; there’s also the world of knife collecting and Everyday Carry.

Dive into the links below to hone in on the hobby.

  • Check out /r/knives and /r/edc to dive into the big bad world of what stays with you when you leave the house. This of course does not include Catholic guilt or lingering suspicions of your illegal behavior by your boss. That’s on you babe.

  • Peep the designs over at Burnside knives. If you don’t, nothing will happen, but your parental figures will be very disappointed in you.

  • Don’t have room to make your own knives and tools at home? There are maker-spaces like ADX where you can rent space to do these things on your own, or sometimes as part of a workshop!

  • If the design part of this is making you light up like a Christmas tree, make sure you take a look at the world of 3D printing, where you can validate designs without committing to full metal. We’ll do an episode on this in the future. THE FUTUUUUUUUUUURE.

  • Why not go full dad mode and get a knife sheath?

📙 The Bookmarks

Just a few “things” and “items”. Some of them are even “stuff” but I try not to get carried away. This is what caught my eye this week on the World Wild Web.

  • The Plus Pool has taken 14 years to come to fruition but it still can’t filter out ur bullshit.

  • Pure of heart, tiny of trailer. Check out this weird little dumb little smart trailer. It’s got a fireplace TV, just like normal!

  • Check out the best book cover designs of 2023. I know it’s already 2024, but if the list were for 2024 they’ve have to update it like every day. Who has the TIME, dear reader? WHO?!?

  • If you like newsletters and you like music, you’ve gotta check out Big Nothing! If you don’t like either of those things, you might be Amish?

  • And lastly, I am absolutely obsessed with this image by Daniel Jaroszek. The retouching. The framing. The poses. The design and graphic design of the product. Iconic.

    Photo by Daniel Jaroszek

📰 Article of the Week

I’m so excited to share this, my fingers are QUIVERING with anticipation. It’s time to ketchup with what Oscar Mayer have bun up to, because they are hiring WIENERMOBILE DRIVERS TO CROSS THE UNITED STATES.

The only things hotter than this dawg are those uniforms. 🌭

What a week huh? I feel like I was chased by a pack of wild dogs through a Wendy’s. Anyway, back to whatever you were doing. I’m assuming it was either of dire importance or astoundingly dumb. Nothing betwixt.

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