TSC S01—E01: The Kickoff Episode


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THE SIDEQUEST CLUB delivers sneaky treats for that GORGEOUS noggin of yours. Silly little rabbit holes for your silly little mental health. Each week we curate fuel for your next hyperfixation, hobby, or special interest.

Sort of a mental charcuterie board.

This is the very first installment, and we’re happy you’re here. This bad boy is gonna evolve, and grow, and change quite a bit. A rough start is better than not starting at all, am I right? Unless you’re skydiving or diffusing bombs.


It's about time you showed up. We need someone to...wait...what was that? Oh yeah. Here's a bunch of shit for your brain to noodle on. Enjoy!

💎 Hobbies, Creators, and more!

A recent rabbit hole was Magic: The Gathering. Besides having a metric assload of rules, cards, lore, and history…it’s very appealing to folks who like to collect. We’re enjoying EDH / Commander, but there are TONS of formats to explore.

Whether you’re a dice goblin, game lover, an ADHDer on the hunt, or a collector, there’s room for you. The best way to begin is through the (free!!!) Arena app which has some easy and fun tutorials!

After that…the realms are your oyster. Here are some rabbit holes if you’re ready to explore the world of MTG.

  • The /r/magictcg subreddit is always poppin’ and has tons of regular discussions about beginner decks and strategies

  • nicplz_ is an energetic creator who embodies the spirit of fun in the game vs toxic competition

  • EDHrec and Moxfield are great places to learn about deck building and see decks from other players

  • Lastly, the Command Zone is a great YouTube channel and media ecosystem where you can actually watch matches, learn about the game, and get a feel for the hobby

📙 The Bookmarks

Things we saved “for later”…which prior to this newsletter meant a permanent Notes graveyard! But now, we’re sharing them with all of you!

  • If you’re a zillionaire about to buy a Porsche…why not make it a heavily customized vintage Porsche? Check out Gunther Werks!

  • You ever seen a ballerina practicing spins?

  • A speaker that looks as good as it sounds. The Transparent Speaker Company is creating some incredible and functional home centerpieces.

  • A budget smartwatch that looks dope as hell has entered the chat. Check out the CMF by Nothing Watch.

  • Career TikTok creator FindFulfillingWork talks about finding a passion or purpose in your work.

📰 Articles of the Week

Direct from ADDitude Magazine. New Year’s goals can be touchy for any neurodivergent person. This unpacks ways to engage that will be much healthier for you in 2024!

The bad news is that you do have to read it…which is a tough hang if you have ADHD….but you’re reading this right? RIGHT?

The second article of the week is ALSO triggered by the arrival of January 1st. No, it’s not about your deep seated hangxiety about the things you said to your uncle at Christmas dinner, it’s Mickey Mouse (sort of) entering the public domain!

It’s going to be wildly interesting to see what can be done with the IP of Steamboat Willy without going full Micky-mode. We simply cannot WAIT for the Winnie the Pooh-ification of our beloved rodent overlord.

That’s it for the very first installment of THE SIDEQUEST CLUB. 🔥

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